What are the benefits of adopting Earned Wage Access?

What are the benefits of adopting Earned Wage Access

Australia’s cost-of-living crisis has overshadowed many individuals and households with financial uncertainty. A study by the University of Melbourne found that 45% of Australians currently struggling with household expenses, and 20% dealing with food or energy bills, do not know how they would cover emergency expenses.

For many, traditional pay schedules can exacerbate these difficulties. Ad-hoc bills may not wait for payday, and emergency expenses might even require a loan or line of credit, which can become costlier in the long term. Earned Wage Access is one solution to help your team members manage their finances and reduce stress. 

Cost-of-living challenges across communities in February 2024

Source: The University of Melbourne.

What is Earned Wage Access?

Earned Wage Access provides people with a portion of their earned wages before payday. Instead of waiting for a bi-weekly or monthly paycheck, people can withdraw the money they’ve already earned when needed. Rather than grapple with the financial stress of unexpected expenses or unpaid bills, your team can access a portion of their wages to help them cover expenses. It is not a loan; Earned Wage Access simply provides someone with access to the pay they have already earned and accrued.

How does Earned Wage Access benefit employees?

Financial flexibility and security

One of the most significant benefits of Earned Wage Access is the financial flexibility it offers employees. People can access earned wages to cover expenses rather than resort to high-interest loans or credit, which can exacerbate financial stress.

Reduced financial stress

Financial stress impacts overall well-being and can impact job satisfaction. Earned Wage Access alleviates some of this stress. People who can access their earnings whenever needed often feel more stable and in control of their finances. Lowered stress levels lead to improved mental health and overall job satisfaction, which fosters a more positive work environment.

Minimised reliance on high-interest loans

Earned Wage Access encourages better financial management by reducing reliance on loans and credit. These solutions might cover short-term expenses, but interest rates make them costlier in the long term. People who use these options during an emergency are those least likely to afford the interest rates.

How does Earned Wage Access benefit employers?

Enhanced employee retention

Earned Wage Access can help your organisation improve the employee experience and retain people. A sense of financial security fosters loyalty and can reduce turnover rates. People appreciate when their employers provide solutions that help them manage their finances better, which in turn enhances their commitment to the company.

Increased productivity and engagement

Financial stress can distract people and impact their ability to focus and perform at their best. By reducing financial stress through Earned Wage Access, employees can concentrate more on their work and remain productive. Additionally, people who feel supported by their employers often feel more engaged and motivated, contributing positively to the workplace.

Competitive advantage in the job market

Earned Wage Access can make your organisation competitive in the job market. Prospective employees might feel more attracted to a company that demonstrates they have their team’s best interests in mind, especially financial flexibility and well-being. This advantage can be crucial in sectors where finding and retaining skilled workers is particularly challenging.

What to look for in Earned Wage Access providers

Transparency over costs and fees

The goal of Earned Wage Access is not to penalise the employee for withdrawing their wage early, but some providers may charge fees to the employer. To ensure your solution remains cost-effective, it is best to choose a provider that offers the best value with minimal fees. Consider providers with transparent pricing and no hidden fees. 

Integration with your payroll provider

Integrating Earned Wage Access into existing payroll systems can be complex. Traditional payroll processes may need adjustments to accommodate early wage access, potentially leading to errors if managed incorrectly. 

Employers should work closely with their Earned Wage Access provider to ensure seamless integration and avoid administrative burdens. Your provider should offer seamless integration with your existing payroll systems. A provider that can handle the integration reduces errors and simplifies the implementation process. 

Meets compliance requirements

Earned Wage Access involves sensitive financial data, which raises privacy concerns. Protecting employee information is crucial to maintaining trust and avoiding potential data breaches. Employers must ensure that their chosen provider prioritises data security and complies with relevant regulations. Ensure that the provider uses strong security measures to protect employee information – as Tambla does today. 


Earned Wage Access supports your team by providing access to earned wages before payday. It can improve financial well-being, reduce stress and enable flexibility. By supporting your team’s financial well-being, you can minimise turnover, become more competitive in the job market and foster a better workplace.

When choosing an Earned Wage Access provider, you should carefully evaluate their service and fees to ensure they offer a cost-effective, secure and integrated solution. With the right provider, Earned Wage Access can be a game-changer for employees and employers.

Why choose Earned Wage Access from Tambla and Paytime?

We partner with Paytime, offering a seamless on-demand pay solution that allows your team to access their earned wages between pay cycles. Paytime is an established provider with a great track record. Their solution enables team members to manage unexpected expenses and emergencies without using high-interest loans.

Visit our Earned Wage Access page for more details.

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What are the benefits of adopting Earned Wage Access

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