Your Definitive Guide to Workforce Management

Workforce and payroll compliance is now a regular agenda item for leadership teams and boards of companies across Australia. Underpayments, entitlements and employee schedules are under government scrutiny  and in the media spotlight. With changes to the framework of many Australia’s Modern Awards, payroll compliance and proper workforce record-keeping are more important than ever.

Managing cost and compliance is only part of the story – embracing the preferences, needs and entitlements of your staff is becoming increasingly important. Enterprising companies leverage these benefits to lift employee engagement, increase retention and control attrition. Empowering your Payroll and Workforce Management staff with the right tools and applications can create huge benefits for the entire company.

eBook Chapters: 

  1. Rostering off profits
  2. Is it fair?
  3. Systems that Enable Compliance
  4. Improving engagement through good WFM
  5. Individual flexibility arrangements
  6. Control your workforce costs
  7. Mobile-first workforce management
  8. Contingent staff and compliance
  9. Real-time Deployment
  10. Going to sleep on the job
  11. Audit yourself
  12. Business Intelligence, Analytics & Insights

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