Scheduling & Rostering

Seamlessly synchronise your staff

Ensuring your workforce is efficiently positioned is a delicate balance. With Tambla’s advanced Workforce Management (WFM) solutions, experience the art of perfectly placing the right employees with right skills at the right times. From streamlining the intricate task of schedule creation to offering real-time roster adjustments based on ever-changing business forecasts, our tools are designed for precision and flexibility. 

The benefits of scheduling & rostering done right

Optimised Workforce Allocation

Ensure the optimal assignment of employees, placing them at the right locations based on their specific skills and the demands of your business.

Our proactive approach minimises idle time, maximises productivity, and ensures efficient labour allocation and budget management.

Streamlined Schedule Creation

The complexity of generating schedules is simplified with Tambla WFM.

We effectively reduce the time, effort and subsequent costs involved in rostering - driving operational efficiency and letting businesses focus on core objectives with the confidence your team is where they are supposed to be.

Adaptable Real-Time Adjustments

Recognising the dynamic nature of business, Tambla offers the tools necessary for managing real-time changes

Businesses can seamlessly adapt to unforeseen shifts in demand or supply, and quickly overcome staff absence to ensure optimal staffing at any given moment.


Tambla's Workforce Management Solutions integrate effortlessly with modern HR, HCM, and Payroll software platforms.

This cohesive connection means businesses can leverage their current HR technology stack without the need for comprehensive overhauls or costly and confusing duplications of software.

Case Study

From complexity to clarity: A case study of Tambla's impact in the security sector

Tambla successfully delivered a much-needed workforce management solution for one of the global heavyweights of the security services industry. Learn how Tambla uniquely provided the flexibility, adaptability, and attention to detail that greatly impressed the client and provided the sorely needed transformative operational overhaul.


Streamlining & Optimising your Scheduling & Rostering

As global workforces and customer demands shift, responsive management tools become a must-havefor Australian organisations. The modern world has moved beyond manually driven HR spreadsheets and every business must innovate to keep up with the times when it comes to HR operations and strategies. 

Tambla’s eBook introduces indispensable strategies for effective rostering, reducing errors, and ensuring the right manpower wherever needed. Dive into the tools crucial for thriving in this new era and guarantee quality customer support.

Step into the future of workforce management with Tambla

Harness the combined might of our cutting-edge tools and expert insights to craft perfect schedules and efficient rosters. Whether you’re navigating day-to-day changes or plotting long-term strategies, our solutions are tailored for precision and adaptability.  Ready to reshape your scheduling and rostering framework? Collaborate with Tambla today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is scheduling & rostering?

Scheduling & rostering involves organizing work shifts for employees to ensure optimal coverage and efficiency within an organisation.

While closely related, scheduling focuses on allocating specific tasks within a time frame, whereas rostering organises staff availability over shifts or periods.

Effective staff scheduling and rostering ensures the right employees are present at the right times, leading to increased efficiency and better service delivery.


WFM (Workforce Management) scheduling is a holistic approach that uses software and strategies to align workforce schedules with business needs, ensuring optimal operations and enhanced visibility for manaement.

Rostering and scheduling software automates the entire staffing process, reduces human error, provides real-time adjustments, and offers insights to optimise workforce deployment.

WFM scheduling software integrates with HR and payroll systems, offers real-time adjustments, predicts staffing needs, and drives overall workforce efficiency.

Workforce management scheduling aligns staff availability with business demands, and meets compliance needs, ensuring resource optimisation, reduced costs, and satisfied customers.

Tambla’s solutions integrate advanced WFM scheduling tools with user-friendly interfaces supported by local expert service. This offers businesses a seamless, efficient, and adaptive approach to confidently manage their workforce.

Yes, Tambla’s scheduling and rostering tools can effortlessly integrate with most modern HR, HCM, and Payroll software platforms, providing a comprehensive and seamless workforce management experience.