Are you extracting real value from Workforce Data?


Organisations with a mostly ‘casual’ workforce have made significant investments in Workforce Management systems.

The Finance, Ops and HR functions need reliable systems that allow them to manage various complexities such as; hundreds/thousands of employees, shift work, multiple awards, the need for tight audit trails, etc.

Workforce Management is an inescapable cost of doing business. Workforce Intelligence, on the other hand, is a widely untapped source of competitive advantage. It helps generate actionable insights from workforce data and deliver improvements to the bottom line, reduce risk, and open up new opportunities.

I believe good Workforce Intelligence comes down to three principles:

  1. Concentrate on critical data, not all data.
  2. Go on a journey of Analytics to discover new information. Don’t depend on merely the reports you have traditionally used.
  3. Establish a culture that welcomes change, and adapt to better ways of working.

Investing in Workforce Management is a good first step. However, by itself, it is not quite enough. The business benefit lies in extracting real value for future workforce decisions.

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