Don’t wait for an audit to get on top of your payroll compliance.


Payroll compliance is an issue that quite often slips under the radar when it comes to the various (and might I added varied) regulations that organisations must comply with.

Most organisations assume they are observing payroll regulations and adhering to the guidelines. But worryingly, most fail to react until it is too late. It is simply swept under the rug in hopes that no one will ever confront them about it.

The trouble with payroll compliance is that without an appropriate regulatory system or framework in place which considers the Australian Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO), there is no way of finding out.

For the sake of your organisation, payroll compliance must become top of mind.

This comes at a time where the FWO is committed to ensuring that compliance is met across all sectors, Australia wide. Significant sums in penalty have already been handed out this year for payroll issues.

Non-compliance will affect your organisation’s bottom line and reputation. Don’t leave it to the auditors.

How does your organisation ensure payroll compliance? Are you leveraging workforce management and compliance solutions?

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