Introducing TamblaOne

TamblaOne MR

What is TamblaOne?

In response to feedback from our customers, Tambla created an internal project to consolidate feature-rich functionality, developed over many years into a modern, enhanced user experience. The new design supports typical contemporary workflows and offers significant leaps in workforce management efficiencies.

This is TamblaOne!

TamblaOne initially focuses on your most important users – your team members. The reinvented, mobile-friendly self-service capabilities are simple and intuitive to navigate. Our intention, in time, is to seamlessly replace existing self-service capabilities with TamblaOne – with minimal impact on your business.

Key TamblaOne Innovations:

  • Log on using Microsoft, Google, or other platforms, with integrated security 
  • Instantly see scheduled shifts and timesheets at a glance, for any period
  • Quickly access necessary actions on an unresolved item list
  • Easily apply for leave, monitor leave approvals, balances and history
  • Set up availability patterns separately from leave
  • Optionally show estimated pay before tax

We designed TamblaOne with some critical principles in mind:

  • Make the employee experience more intuitive, relevant, and engaging
  • Accommodate user preference for mobile accessibility 
  • Present information based on role
  • Provide more information with fewer navigation requirements
  • Provide an alternative for dated web portals and kiosks

Why have we taken this approach?

Some of the most common feedback through this process was that our older kiosk and web portal applications were either too limiting for everyday use or were too hard to navigate for tasks that required quick completion. In addition, more information was needed, in a consolidated view, to enable decisions for both employees and front-line managers. We needed to simplify the experience.

TamblaOne embraces modern technologies (PWA or Progressive Web App) that provide a consistent view across any device. Users and businesses alike will be familiar with PWAs, although they may not be aware of it. More common examples include Spotify, Uber, Facebook, Trivago, and Pinterest. Responsive applications using this technology are up to 99% smaller than native mobile apps, use three times less data, are faster to load and navigate, and increase user engagement by up to 150%.

With better performance and an improved user experience, TamblaOne eliminates the need for separate web portals, kiosks and mobile apps. A single URL that you can save as a shortcut on PC, Mobile, and Tablet will ultimately replace the older self-service applications across the suite.

When is it coming?

We have scheduled the first release of TamblaOne for October 2021, with updates and additional functionality expected throughout 2022.

Over the coming months, we will provide updates via our blog and through our monthly email newsletter, Tambla Pulse. 

As a Tambla customer, what do I need to do?

At this stage, nothing will change in your current environment, and you can continue to operate with no disruption.

If you are interested in deploying TamblaOne in your organisation – either to replace legacy kiosk or web applications or as part of your employee engagement or employee self-service strategies, please email our sales team or touch base with your Account Manager directly.

We designed TamblaOne from the ground up to meet the needs of your business and employees.

The result is a beautiful application. We love it, and we think you will too.

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