The Sydney office return – we’re registered as Covid safe.


Its been a long and challenging 6 months for many of us in NSW working remotely – and we feel for our colleagues in other states and territories who are still working under those conditions.

After some consideration and planning, we reopened our Sydney Office in recent days and our staff now have the flexibility of returning to an office environment that is safe and welcoming.  I say flexibility as, like many businesses, we believe it’s important to support our team and recognise that the situation is different for everyone. We certainly recognise and promote the value of face to face interaction – the benefits of social interaction cannot be ignored – but we will continue to maintain a more flexible approach to individual working patterns.

At Tambla our key concerns have always been the safety of our team and their families along with the safety and health of our clients,  suppliers and any guests.  We have officially registered Tambla as a COVID-Safe business with the NSW government and will maintain access to the office in a controlled and responsible fashion.


To ensure that we do what we can to maintain the safety and health of everyone who attends our office we have implemented some now-familiar changes  – all in accordance with the advice from NSW Government and the NSW Health Department.

Our office now has multiple sanitising stations, clear guidance on numbers of people in specific areas, and a technology-based attendance recording application – all of which must be used and adhered to at all times.  We have implemented a COVID-Safe plan and will continue to monitor the situation and alter the plan as necessary and act on advice.

We hope to welcome you to the new office as soon as your own plans allow.

COVID Safe Business

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