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The Next Few Months…

This year is my tenth year working in Human Capital Management. During this time, basically, all of my experience has been on the operations side working with businesses to focus on efficiency improvements, best use of the HCM technology within their current stack and generally working with companies to maximise the benefits from their investments in workforce related applications.  Applications that are often overlooked but  that provide critical support in the running of most business day in and day out.

These are different times, and over the last week or two, I’ve been thinking about the opportunity that the disruption caused by the Coronavirus presents businesses and vendors and how to navigate a path forward and use the time we have for the positive. A good partnership and a strong relationship between vendors and business could see positive change resonant through a company. Here are a few tips of things to look at in the upcoming months:

Double Down on your Communication

A lot of businesses have been put in unusual circumstances. Actually, everyone has been put in unusual circumstances. It’s why it’s time to open the communication channels wider than normal. Reach out to your Account manager or your trusted advisor and let them know what’s happening. Explain to them the situation for your business and provide visibility of the circumstances you’re under. The more we know, the better advice and assistance we can give.

Do your Better off overall Test

Prior to being hit by Coronavirus, the business community was focused on the wage scandals and underpayments, which were being reported in the paper every week. While the focused has shifted, this is a temporary shift, and the floodlight will return.

This is an excellent opportunity to begin thinking about how to complete the Better Off Overall Test to ensure you are compliant. Tambla Etivity has this capability built in and our consulting team can work with you to ready that capability.   For those of you on other platforms – including those from other vendors – Tambla PayCE provides a platform agnostic tool.  PayCE allows your team to extract the data from your existing solution to achieve the BOOT test calculations while visualising the results. This can be used for past comparisons but also to ensure compliance as you move forward into upcoming pay periods.

Review System Use & Function

I’ve been on several calls in the last fortnight with businesses discussing the changing environment. During these calls and catch-ups, we’ve delved into what the system is currently doing, what had changed from when the solution design was last completed.  Typically companies are keen to invest time into improving process and using the time that is available to do some general housekeeping.

There is an opportunity for you now to review the current function and fit. You may choose to do this with your vendor. You may not have the relationships with your current vendor and want to see what’s in the market. If you do this, its still worth approaching your existing vendor to see if they can help. Most will be accommodating and do their best to fill any gaps and optimise what you have already.

Complete an Optimisation Review

Another hot topic has been Optimisation. While the solutions I’ve worked with cater to data-driven rostering, the step before is generally missed. How do I know that I have the most efficient mix of labour (full time, part-time, casuals, etc.) over the long term?

Our team in the UK and Australia work with businesses to calculate this labour mix and offer this as an optimisation-as-a-service function or a one-off review where we complete this process and provide recommendations on what we believe would be the most efficient labour mix.

What about the Commercials?

This is why the partnership is important. If you have a good relationship with your vendor, the commercials can always be figured out with different payment structures, milestones and agreements negotiated. If we’re in this for the long-haul together then the rest is easy to resolve.

As always  – feel free to contact either myself or your accoutn manager or drop us a mail to


*In last week’s blog update, I mentoned that I was hoping to be writing about Pandemic Leave. As our government is sitting today to discuss the Coronavirus Package, I’ll hold off a few more days to review the changes and provide some commentary in the coming days.

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