What’s coming in the October release of Tambla eTivity

October Release

The October release of Tambla eTivity is in the final stages of QA and we are excited to share some detail on the update and some of the new features you can expect to see. Next week we will send you the full release notes and confirm the date of release to the Tambla Cloud platforms, in the mean-time here is some of the new innovation heading your way.


This release will fully integrate our latest Time & Attendance device – The BioStation3

Continuing the move to contactless clocking devices – the Biostation3 (BS3) couples Facial recognition capability alongside common, physical access cards. Power over ethernet (PoE), and WiFi options allow for easier deployment and the BS3 has been specifically designed for GDPR compliance and is both ISO27001 and ISO27701 certified for data and user privacy.

Smaller than both our previous BS2 and FS2, Biostation3 offers a more compact, convenient and cost-effective solution where physical clocking devices are required and will replace the BS2 for new installations.

Biostation 3

Projected Leave Balances

For staff applying for leave in the future, the Projected Leave Balance feature will allow them to check not only their current leave balance, but also the projected accrued leave and projected leave balance on the date when the leave occurs.

For leave approvers, the same feature will provide the same detail to facilitate better decision making in the approval process.

Projected Leave Balance in action

Email based Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

For those clients that require an extra level of security without adding single sign-on (SSO), we are adding email based two-factor authentication as an option. This is purely optional and is extremely quick and easy to setup. Upon successful validation of the login details, Tambla will generate a code which is sent to the users’ email address. This code is entered into the login screen and on successful validation, the login processes is completed.

email 2FA configuration

Retrospective Timesheet Changes

Tambla will support entering new timesheets or changing existing timesheets even where a timesheet has already been exported to payroll and processed in the payroll system.

You can now use the pay adjustment screen to change existing timesheets or add new timesheets – for an exported pay period – without altering the originally exported timesheet. Tambla will process the new timesheet and calculate the new pay results. It will then compare the new pay result with exported pay results and display the difference with +/- sign.

The differences can either be exported to the payroll system in an adjustment file or the entire period can be exported – effectively cancelling previous exports.

This new functionality improves pay adjustment features and provides a new level of flexibility when making and exporting adjustments.

Pay Adjustment Reconciliation

Clocking Device Monitoring

To simplify management of clocking devices we have added a Clock Server Monitor application that displays all your devices, their online status and log of last data transfer. the monitoring application will enable a more proactive approach to management of your time & attendance devices.

Clock Server Monitor

Along with these new capabilities, there are a raft of other features and improvements in the release. Keep an eye on your email next weeks for further updates.

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