6 reasons you need a Time and Attendance solution now

6 reasons you need a Time and Attendance solution now

Managing staff shifts and leave is still a juggling act for many organisations. Ever-changing regulations, complex workforce policies, overtime, sick leave, budgeting and payroll management need consistent review to keep your organisation moving – and accurately capturing the time people work is a critical part of the process.

To control workforce costs and stay on top of changing conditions across your workforce, you need more than traditional, paper-based timesheets to manage your time and attendance.

Remove paper timesheets and slow approvals from your business

Timesheets have been a consistently tedious part of workplaces for generations. They have taken many forms, including the well-known punch cards, and remain an essential factor for effective workforce management.

Timesheets unarguably remain important, yet the processes around them continue to drain time and staff morale for both employees and those staff in your cloud based hr and payroll and HR functions. When you include the changing rules and regulations on working rules, hourly rates and entitlements, it is fair to say that timesheets and approval processes are a consistent pain point for every organisation.

A robust time and attendance solution streamlines data collection and approvals to remove paper trails and manual timesheet processing. It automates repetitive processes and calculations while applying the correct Modern Awards, agreement clauses and entitlements. With today’s shifting workforce landscape, it has never been more essential to utilise a modern time and attendance solution to manage your workforce and their hours effectively.

Automate time and attendance for smoother processes

Anyone that has experienced the busy atmosphere of a payroll or HR department understands the adage, ‘Time equals Money’. I am sure you are acutely aware of the time and labour costs involved with paying staff correctly and on schedule.

The accuracy and efficiency gained from an effective automation solution can save any department or person many hours of repetitive, manual work, re-work and costly errors. 

Time and attendance solutions remove manual tasks by automating complex pay calculation rules, including penalty rates, allowances and shift differentials. You can capture accurate clock-on and clock-off times from multiple locations and assignments.

Calculating time and attendance is a crucial aspect of your organisation. With automation, you can streamline this process through effective software that caters to your specific organisational needs like workflows, organisational hierarchies and management or approval structures.

Manage employee costs and pay your staff on time

Managing employee costs is a universal challenge for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Ensuring you pay employees accurately and consistently while abiding by the ever-evolving rules around employee benefits and compliance is essential. Poor employee experience can hamper morale, loyalty, and your ability to attract and hire employees in the future. Add to that the risk of fines and reputational damage associated with compliance or payroll problems and it becomes obvious that not managing the process is just not an option.

Automating and streamlining time collection, payroll, HR and daily workforce operations into one central source is the key to effective, compliant and affordable business management.

Time and attendance solutions integrate with your existing organisational systems to cut down the manual work needed to consolidate employee and financial data. This enables time and cost savings while eliminating arduous manual processes and complex payday calculations. As your business expands, these procedures are tough to scale without additional staff, and workloads become even more complicated, all things you can avoid with an integrated time and attendance solution.

Time and attendance management makes your data work for you

Data fuels critical business decisions by delivering informed estimates to support you in developing strategies for current and future changes in your workforce. Yet, too many businesses still rely on outdated tabular reports summarising things that have already happened.

Best time and attendance software delivers a complete view of your workforce and its activities – as it all happens. It allows you to capture accurate data directly from the source and transform it into real-time, easy-to-understand reports. For example, you can simultaneously deliver real-time data to your payroll platform for fast and accurate payroll processing and your HR system for managing balances, such as leave entitlements.

You can make critical data available to your operations team – when and where they need it – to facilitate decision-making. Your team can choose to view actionable insights about current and historical time and attendance data. You can define the metrics essential to your business and present them in a way that is simple to display and easy to interpret and that drives valuable action.

Maintain compliance with government regulations

The costs of breaching Australia’s complex compliance regulations can add up for businesses of all sizes, so you need solutions to manage time and attendance with accuracy and compliance.

A time and attendance solution ensures you remain compliant when designing rosters and processing payroll by aligning you with the requirements set by both the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) and your own business. Time and attendance software integrates with most payroll systems on the market and provides you with an out-of-the-box solution.

Time and attendance solutions improve the employee experience

A time and attendance solution can empower your employees by providing a simple and fast method of collecting time, while placing some control of their schedule back in their hands. It enables them to plan, make leave requests or roster changes, and adjust plans accordingly. Real-time data can provide a complete view of the workplace situation to enable employees to comfortably balance personal obligations and interests without impacting their workload or crucial operational processes.

Our application, TamblaOne, gives your team visibility of not only their schedule, but also their expected gross pay, worked time, or accrued leave right at their fingertips. Capabilities such as swapping shifts, requesting leave or clocking in can be done on their mobile devices, which reduces time and cost by enabling these tasks to be done anywhere.

Enabling mobile access for the application gives employees the freedom to access information or make requests whenever and wherever they want, without adding to HR’s workload. Automated approvals and notifications can reduce manual processes and paperwork and drive efficiencies across your business.

Time and Attendance management with Tambla

The right time and attendance platform can boost manager and employee morale and allow you to focus on more important work. This means you can optimise business growth and plan for success today, tomorrow and in the future.
With so many time and attendance solutions out there, it can be hard to know which one will best suit your business. Tambla has years of experience delivering time and attendance solutions to serve our clients’ unique needs. Visit our Time & Attendance page for more on our capabilities.

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