High Court overturns the WorkPac v Rossato casual employment ruling


On the 4th of August 2021, the High Court overruled the Full Federal Court’s WorkPac v Rossato decision.

The High Court ruled in favour of WorkPac and decided any worker with a casual contract will remain casual, despite how and when they work. This decision, therefore, overruled the Federal Court’s initial ruling in favour of Rossato and the verdict that workers with regular, ongoing shifts could qualify as permanent workers and be entitled to leave and sick pay.

The High Court’s ruling ends a period of uncertainty about the definition of a casual worker. For our customers, it is a return to business as usual without altering processes or reporting on arrangements for casual staff.

We provide the tools to plan, manage and pay mixed employment and casual employees accurately, correctly, and in line with employment frameworks. We help companies with large, dispersed or shift based workforces to manage their people. Our tools automate manual processes, reduce compliance risks and ensure you pay employees accurately and on time, every time.

Whether this ruling remains – or changes come about – our flexible solutions ensure you meet current and future legislated requirements with ease.

You can learn more about our capabilities by reviewing our Scheduling and Rostering and Time and Attendance solutions.

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