IFAs & Mutual Variations

Empower employees with Roster Choices and accommodate the Individual Flexibility Arrangements of your awards automatically with audited, seamless processes


Provide employees with a simple menu of selections based on the flexible conditions within your awards - presented in the Employee Self Service applications.


Present options, capture choices, record changes and apply the correct validations and calculations - all with minimal effort. Ensure related choices are considered automatically during the rostering process and when calculating costs and payroll.


Maintain a full record of all history - including changes, dates, times and choices. Chose when to present options - either as ongoing choices or during certain 'enrollment' periods.

Implement flexible arrangements

Publish the flexible conditions under the award that you wish to make available via the Employee Self Service application and allow employees to choose the conditions they are prepared to accept. Selections are recorded and can applied automatically without the need for reconfiguration.

Maintain compliance

Automatically manage the process of capturing these individual agreements across any number of employees and apply the agreed conditions when generating schedules and rosters and interpreting the correct conditions to ensure employees are paid correctly correctly.

Keep track of changes & history

Tambla Roster Choices maintains a record of the history of all employee choices and changes and the date that the change was submitted along with effective dates - providing total visibility for future auditing and validation purposes.

A fully integrated solution for handling Individual (Mutual) Flexible Agreements that we call ‘Roster Choices’.

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