Tambla Workforce Management


Tambla’s innovative workforce management solutions ensure your staffing is optimised while compliance and governance requirements are covered. We help automate the manual processes of staff rosters, budgets, time sheet and payroll through an integrated suite of cloud products.

Tambla provides intelligent workforce solutions to organisations with large “shift-based” workforces. We provide these companies with the tools to ensure visibility, optimisation and compliance of their workforce globally and help to manage labour costs, reduce administration overload, enhance staff communication and improve workforce visibility, equity and safety.


Whether you choose to use our reporting interfaces to do your own reporting, utilise our dashboards and insights, or work with our Workforce Intelligence specialists to take advantage of our customisable reporting systems, we can provide you the actionable insights you need to make the right decisions in your business.

Scheduling & Rostering

Smart and dynamic scheduling for optimal staffing while minimising cost.

Supporting a wide range of rostering methodologies including pattern, fixed profile, workload 'demand' or volume, Tambla makes complex workforce management simple for all industries.

Our scheduling methodology simplifies the time consuming and complex task of staff scheduling by using mathematical algorithms to generate the optimum schedule every time, often reducing labour costs by up to 10 percent.

Time & Attendance

Capture the hours worked simply, efficiently and accurately. Receive notifications around exceptions and absence. Seamlessly integrate to your payroll system and automate work rules and award interpretation. Send to payroll with a simple process.From facial recognition and fingerprint biometric devices to mobile and tablet applications, Tambla’s time collection options put an end to the laborious task of manually collecting and entering employee time sheet information. Our automated data collection provides real-time insight when needed in line with your security obligations.

Real-time Award and Business Rule Interpretation

Remove the complexity, time and errors of manually interpreting your workforce pay conditions and rules. Tambla is recognised as a market leader in the Award and Business Rule interpretation, and can provide real-time, accurately interpreted costs to enable you to make better informed business decisions.

With over three decades of experience in Workforce Management, our solutions are improving labour efficiency and reducing costs at more than 5000, sites around the world